About us

 A Happier Life with Jen was born during the darkest moment of my life.
They say that it is when you are at your weakest that you will truly know how strong you really are as a person. This couldn’t be more true for me.
To fully take care of my father, I left my corporate job, but soon after, he passed away. Instead of asking why he left so soon, I focused on moving on while honoring his memory. Who could have thought that three months later, I found myself fighting breast cancer.
My name is Jen and this is my story.
I am normally one of those people who always has a smile on her face. I wanted what everyone else did in life: good things for myself, my family, and the people around me. When the news of the breast cancer arrived, instead of dwelling on why it happened to me, I chose to focus on how I can better myself to treat this disease and still be there for people that matter most.
To say I struggled with this disease and the loss of my Father who was my mentor and hero would be an understatement. However, this moment in my life brought me closer to God and I learned that His plans are always better than yours and that everything happens for a reason. When I let go and let God, life became much better for me. I just had to trust God in all that I do.
A good friend referred me to LifeScience which changed my view on health. Finding out that food can be medicine was something that I didn’t know. When I finally made the switch to a healthier, more organic lifestyle, my body became better inside which lead to my becoming healthier on the outside.
Combining medical treatment with a healthy lifestyle was the way to go to help my body recover from the chemo side effects.
A no sugar, no soy, gluten-free, no dairy, and only lean meat diet worked best for me and so I adapted this to my daily life and my family’s meal plan. The results were noticeable and so my whole family and I wholeheartedly embraced the organic lifestyle, from food to drinks and even the soap that we use. At the end of the day, there should be a healthy balance in everything we eat. 
A Happier Life with Jen is a way for me to help spread awareness on healthy options that are available through my shop. I wanted to help other people overcome their health issues through the products that I have personally tried and tested. I personally check the ingredients to make sure that everything is good for the body before including a product to my shop.
I oversee everything from choosing which product to carry in my store to the actual delivery. I try out the products myself first to ensure that there will be no unwanted effects and everything works the way that it should.
My favorites from A Happier Life with Jen are Coco Sap Aminos, Gerry’s Guyabano Puree, Jasmine Red Rice, ProSource Calming Oil, and Bakku2Basik Coco Cider Soap.
Coco Sap Aminos is similar to soy sauce in taste and since almost every food has soy sauce, I choose to use Coco Sap Aminos as it’s healthier but won't sacrifice the taste. The guyabano puree is very good for the body. The easiest to transition to was the Jasmine Red Rice because this one is softer and easier to digest unlike the ones I have tried before. It’s healthier too so there really was no struggle involved in doing this shift. The Calming Oil helps ease the daily stress that crops up and calms me immediately. The Coco Cider Soap, on the other hand, is good for both face and body since it’s gentle on the skin. Even my son uses it.
All products carried by A Happier Life with Jen is meant to do just that, bring you a healthier, happier lifestyle to allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. When you buy a product from my store, you are not just buying a product. You are buying something that will help you lead and build a better, healthier, stronger, and happier you.
When you put your faith in God and then partner it with a healthier, more organic lifestyle, you will never fail because God never fails.