Organic Coconut Sap Aminos (150ml/375ml/1L)


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Gluten free & Non-GMO
Alternative to soy sauce

GreenLife Organic Coconut Sap Aminos is natural replacement for sauce but with a unique and much better taste. It’s a dark, amino acid liquid harvested directly from coconut tree sap. Containing 17 naturally-occurring amino acids, this sap is combined with mineral-rich sea salt to create a soy sauce-like “Aminos”.


- Excellent Substitute for Soy Sauce

- Gluten Free & Non GMO

- Lower Risk in Cancer

- Promote Fat Loss

- Prevent Heart Disease & Osteoporosis


Good for flavoring, marinades, cooking, dressing, and sauces.

Available in 1 liter, 375ml and 150ml