Organic Coconut Sap Vinegar (150ml/375ml)


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Authentic coconut sourness
With natural probiotic that promotes digestive health

GreenLife Organic Coconut Sap Vinegar is unpasteurized vinegar from fermented coconut sap. It is a good source of minerals and vitamins, including potassium (which helps balance electrolytes, control blood pressure, and process sugar), ascorbic acid or vitamin C (an important antioxidant) and certain B vitamins, particularly B2 or riboflavin (an important vitamin that is essential in the body’s energy production, cellular function, and metabolism). It has probiotic that promotes digestive health.


Lower Blood Sugar Response to Meal

With Probiotic that Promotes Digestive Health


Marinades, Cooking, Dressing and Sauce.

Available in 375ml and 150ml