Organic Cider Coconut Vinegar (150ml/375ml)


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Certified organic
Alternative to Apple Cider
Low Glycemic Index

GreenLife Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar is naturally fermented vinegar like Apple cider and Balsamic vinegars. It is low on glycemic index that appropriate food for diabetic patients. Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar contains 9 essential amino acids that help in building proteins in the body.

It’s essential amino acids of Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar is help in formation of hemoglobin that carries oxygen and antibodies, helps in building a strong immune system, helps in fighting infection, helps in fighting torn body tissues and detoxification, helps in lowering blood sugar levels, have a natural source of probiotics and aids in digestion.


- Helps fight infection

- Regulates blood sugar level

- Maintains healthy bones

- Increases energy levels

- With Probiotic that promote digestive health

- Repairs body tissues

- Keeps the stomach healthy

- Keeps hormones in place

- Rejuvenates the skin

- Gives glossy hair

- Reduces acne breakouts

- Kills many types of harmful bacteria

- Lower blood sugar levels and fights diabetes

- Helps in losing weight

- Lower cholesterol

- Improves heart health

- Treats skin infection and acne


Marinades, Cooking, Dressing, Sauce, or drink 3 tbsp before meal to increase fullness

Available in 375ml and 150ml