Organic Pure Coconut Cooking Oil (1L/2L)


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Ultra Clean

GreenLife Pure Coconut Cooking Oil is flavorless, high-quality, ultra-clean, cholesterol-free, certified organic coconut oil as an economical choice for cooking. Derived from the organic coconut plantation in the Philippines. This oil is mechanically-pressed without the use of chemicals. It is an excellent quality food-grade coconut oil that is not hydrogenated and contains no transfatty acids.

If you're fond of fried foods, this organic pure coconut cooking oil is perfect for you as this is the healthiest choice you can make for a cooking oil.

INGREDIENTS: Philippines Organic Coconut

STORAGE: Product solidifies and becomes cloudy below 76 ̊ F. These changes are a normal characteristic of coconut oil and have no effect on product efficiency.

Available in 2L and 1L